Waking Up to Winter in April

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While most of our viewing area saw rain Sunday night, some folks in woke up to more than a coating of snow on the ground.

Just when we thought we were in the clear and spring was in the air, winter decided to show up in parts of our area, including Sullivan County.

About one to three inches of snow fell throughout the evening and morning hours causing many residents in the Village of Mildred to brush the snow off their cars and start them up before heading out.

Patrick Klein stood in amazement outside his home and watched the snow fall on the ground.

"Boy it took us back. It seems like we went backwards instead of forwards, but I do like it, but I like the summer too also," said Klein.

With all this confusing weather it's hard to choose whether you should stick with the lawn mower or break out the shovel.

Joe Barnatovich of Mildred said he's used to this surprise weather in Sullivan County but he is ready for summer.

"Well we were spoiled in March and we got used to that nice weather so it kinda throws you. I'm ready to plant my garden. I don't wanna shovel snow anymore," said Barnatovich.

Ken Kline and his friend were getting ready to deliver food to a local food pantry while it continued to sleet, but he said this weather doesn't bother him.

"Well we're in Sullivan County. You can never count on it being nice, you know. You never know when you're gonna get some snow," said Kline.

Since temperatures are below normal this week, the snow on the ground could stick around for a couple of days.