Jury Selection Begins in Double Murder Trial

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Jury selection is underway in Bradford County for a double murder trial.

John DeSisti of Waverly, New York is charged with the November, 2006 shootings of prominent lawyer David Keeffe and his wife, Carol on their property near Sayre.

Prosecutors said DeSisti and Carol Keeffe are cousins and were involved in a property dispute at the time of the killings.

DeSisti, who is in his mid-70's, was arrested in December, 2010.

"I think that it took a long time to find out what happened here and to at least get enough evidence to bring something forward, I`m not sure why it took that long, but I`m sure they wanted to make sure they had enough to proceed," said Tammy Johnson who works in Sayre.

The prosecution is seeking a first-degree murder conviction and the death penalty.

Many people in the community know DeSisti personally and his family, as well.

"I used to live up there, on the hill, where it happened, but I don`t think he did it, I mean the guy has Alzheimer's, so I think he`s innocent. I think it was someone else probably," said Kevin Cole of Sayre.

"'I think it`s kind of sad to see an old man like that go up for death, especially the death penalty at his age, I mean it just shocked us that he would do something so vicious and heartless," said Troy Vadnyke of Sayre.

Jury selection is expected to last all week.