Former “Y” Director Sentenced for Theft

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The former executive director of the YMCA in Lock Haven went to jail Monday for charges related to the misuse of over $130,000 in funds from the "Y."

Two other people nabbed in the alleged scheme are expected to stand trial in Clinton County sometime this summer.

Jeremiah Clark pleaded guilty last month to stealing more than $130,000 from the Lock Haven Area YMCA where he was the executive director.

Monday he was taken to county jail where he will stay for at least 11 and a half months.

Clark didn't have anything to say as he walked into the Clinton County Courthouse to find out how long he will spend behind bars.

A judge sentenced Clark to 11 and a half to 23 months in county jail.

Clark pleaded guilty in March to stealing the money over a four-year period when he was executive director of the "Y."  Two others are charged in connection with the crime, including former Clinton County Commissioner Adam Coleman and his mother, Kimberley.

Investigators said Clark conspired with Coleman to pay for the former commissioner's campaign and to pay for Coleman's country club membership.

Investigators charged Coleman's mother with being in on part of the scam and destroying evidence.

At his sentencing. Clark apologized for what he did and said he is looking forward to paying the money back. Clark was taken into custody immediately to start his sentence. His attorney said he will apply for work release so he can start paying the money back right away.

Former Clinton County Commissioner Coleman and his mother, Kimberly, have both pleaded not guilty. Both are expected to stand trial this summer. Prosecutors said Clark is expected to testify at those trials.