April Snowstorm Blasts Parts of Northern Tier

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Northern and western Pennsylvania were hit the hardest Sunday night by a stunning spring storm.

Folks woke up to buried cars and covered streets and roads.

A month into spring, and a blast of wintry weather has covered parts of the Troy area of Bradford County with several inches of snow, heavy enough to snap tree limbs.

"Two thirty in the morning, I looked out and it was, we was in for it, it was coming down hard and heavy," said Donald Strope.

He was up to his knees in snow atop Armenia Mountain but he figures spring-like weather will be back soon.

"Winter's back, it won't be here that long, gone in a couple of days," said Strope.

While the white stuff may not have accumulated all that much in Troy Borough, in the outer lying areas, the higher elevations, was walloped with a late April snowfall that even cancelled school for the day.

"It was pretty cool, when I looked outside, I was like, wow," said Austen Ward.

A snow day is okay with Ward, no matter what month of the year it comes. The storm dumped about five inches of snow in Sylvania so Ward got in one more ride on the sled.

John Rockwell has never had to cancel a fishing trip with his father in April either.

"Today we were supposed to go fishing. I called him up and told him I don't think we're going to make it today," said Rockwell.

He was not prepared for this, neither was his Jeep. The hardcover was taken off before the storm during the warmer weather, leaving Rockwell and others baffled by the surprise April snow.

"This is a little crazier today than I thought it was going to be when I got up," he said.