Earth Day Clean up in Bloomsburg

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In Bloomsburg on Saturday, a big earth day clean up was underway at the fair grounds. It was one of the hardest hit areas by flooding last September. Saturday volunteers came together to pick up garbage and debris that is still scattering the ground seven months later.

"When the river came and the flood came, it brought so much garbage all over the place, so we're going to help pick up all that stuff,” said volunteer Danielle Woodling.

She was referring to the massive flood waters that swept through in September when the Susquehanna River overflowed its banks and swallowed the entire fairground.

Tons of mud and debris were left behind, and the 157th Bloomsburg Fair was canceled.

"We were all astounded and surprised that nature could have such power and that things could be swept aside that took years to build,” said volunteer Robert Sena.

He, along with hundreds of other volunteers from the group "Mormon Helping Hands," went to the fairgrounds to give back. From picking up garbage, to painting all the benches, volunteers said they wouldn't spend their Saturday any other way.

"During your life, there's a time when you need help and there's times when you have the opportunity to help others, it's just a good chance to pay back,” said volunteer Brent Wilson.

"I know they appreciate it, and we are so very happy to help them,” said volunteer Tina Prowant.

Even with all this help, the fairgrounds president said there is still a good way to go.

"A lot of cleanup to do in the restrooms, some of the buildings need to be done, a lot of power-washing for the buildings,” said fair president Paul Reichart.

The president said with Saturday's help, the cleanup is about halfway done, and they are on track to have the Bloomsburg Fair this coming fall.