Volunteers Clean up in Pottsville

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People pushing  brooms and manning the shovels are a special group of volunteers in  downtown Pottsville. They are recovering from drugs, alcohol or mental issues and are on  the road back.

They are clients of a group called Recovery Edge. It's an organization which takes people with problems and gets them more involved in the community.

Heather Arias is one of the volunteers. "I just got involved with Recovery Edge the program. I love them and what they do and to give back to the community and it feels great and that's why I do it. It gives me a good feeling " Arias said.

Volunteer John Sadusky said he likes the idea of giving up his time. "It's a beautiful day just to be out with other people. It's a blessing. I am very glad to be here to be a part of our team here, working with other people," Sadusky said.

Recovery Edge official Ed Perhonitch said his  clients come out once a month to clean up Pottsville, one section at a time. "At some point in time they were given benefits from the government, the county and given the opportunity to give back they jump at it," he said.

All day during the cleanup, residents and business owners came out and thanked  the volunteers for their efforts. That included the owner of an antique store Melissa Stanberry. "Once a week we are out here sweeping up, getting rid of all the garbage that's left here, people are always dropping things so it's good to have help " Stanberry said.

Officials of Recovery Edge said their clients will  continue into the winter when they will be indoors involved in activities to help support the community.