“Pine Square” Replaces Eyesores in Billtown

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Downtown Williamsport continues to take on a whole new look as empty, run-down buildings get new leases on life.

A block of Pine Street in Williamsport has undergone a makeover. Pine Square is a mix of upscale apartments, a courtyard, future shops and a restaurant.

"It might have been the three worst buildings in the downtown, it's moving along," said developer Charles Imbro.

He is referring to vacant buildings that were at one time popular men's and women's clothing shops.

Now, one has been torn down, the others renovated to create apartments which at the high-end go for more than $3,000 per month, catering to workers in the natural gas industry who can afford it.

"This gives me the opportunity to have the same comforts of home, the same exact comforts of home. Back home when off work with my family," said Todd Smith of Marshall, Texas.

The lunch crowd at Brickyard certainly has noticed the difference. Patty Kuhns works two blocks away and wondered when the eyesores would be turned into something like this.

"It's gorgeous, this building here, the water, the outside was nice, the inside too."