Burglary at a Union County Church

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When members of a church group gathered at their place of worship this week in Union County they quickly discovered something missing.

Ten thousand dollars worth of audio equipment was stolen from the Mennonite church near Lewisburg.

State police are trying to figure out who stole the computers, sound equipment and musical instruments from Buffalo Memmonite Church. The pastor said he and members of the congregation feel violated.

Pastor Matt Funk said the theft was discovered  Wednesday night.

"Something looked funny by the soundboard.  A couple of people noticed the keyboard and mics were missing.  We started to realize the fact that other things were missing," said Pastor Funk.

State police say $10,000 worth of equipment, computers and musical instruments were missing, including a brand new drum set.  The equipment is used during worship services on Sundays.

"As pastor it was a little bit of a panic because you have services coming up and you just lost your sound system.  It's definitely unnerving," added Pastor Funk.

He added there is no physical evidence of a break-in at the church, but what a trooper did find right next to where the equipment had been were some marks on the window sill.

"The window sill is scuffed up, almost looks as if someone was hauling stuff in and out through the windows," said Pastor Funk.

Police said the burglary happened sometime between Sunday afternoon and Wednesday evening.  Pastor Funk said church members stepped in to help. Some are letting the church borrow equipment, but the pastor said many members feel violated.

"We'd like to see justice done but also at the same time we'd forgive the person who did this.  We wouldn't hold any hard feelings, but it would be nice to get our stuff back," said Pastor Funk.

If you have any information on the burglary, you're asked to call state police.