Pocono Dome to be Ready in Fall

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An indoor sports arena in the Poconos is finally being built after six years of planning.

The facility in Monroe County will offer athletes of all ages and skills a place to play year round.

A skeleton steel structure, known as the Pocono Dome, is slowly rising above the trees near Saylorsburg.

"It's designed for sports teams to practice in. There's a rehab component, there's gyms for parents, even free memberships for senior citizens," said Pocono Dome Owner Greg Bush.

Plans to build this started in 2006, but in 2008 the economy tanked and the project lost the financing. The owner said last year Wayne Bank came to the financial rescue and soon after it was game on.

"These guys are doing a really great job. I'm really happy the way things are going. It's going to be really great for the community. It really is," said Bush.

For several years, drivers on Route 33 near Saylorsburg saw a billboard saying "The Pocono Dome is Coming Soon".  Now, that's changed. It's been under construction since the beginning of the year.

To put the Pocono Dome in perspective, it is as large as a football field and taller than the New York Giants football practice field in the Meadowlands.

"Let's say you're a soccer player, and you're kicking a ball. In a normal building it hits the ceiling. You won't here. Or you're a football player and you want to practice your passing. You can pass a football. That dome is 56 feet high at the top," said Bush.

Once it's complete it will have five other buildings attached.  That means plenty of areas for everyone to play year round.

The Pocono Dome is scheduled to be finished and ready to open in November.