Mom Charged with Providing “Party House” to Minors

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Police in Lackawanna County have arrested a mother for allegedly running a party house for minors out of her home for years.

Olyphant police said Erica King, 39, provided alcohol and drugs for her teenage son and his friends.

Police said along with having drugs and alcohol, King also had sexual contact with at least one teenager.

She is charged with corruption of minors and providing alcohol to minors.

King remained silent as she was escorted from the Olyphant Police Department.

She was then taken away to be arraigned on charges of corruption of minors and providing alcohol to minors.

“It's endangering our children, number one and we won't stand for that,” said Olyphant Mayor Jayme Morano. “And if it happens again, let people beware. If something like that happened in Olyphant they're going to get whacked.”

Police said King had been running a party house out of her Olyphant home on Mooney Street since at least November of 2010.

King is accused of providing her 16-year-old son and his underage friends a place to drink alcohol and use drugs.

Neighbors said they would see teenagers hanging outside her house late at night and said they have had to call police in the past.

“Kids, yeah, young kids, and it seems like, using the F-word which we called the cops many times. We don't want to hear that,” said neighbor Thomas Misiura.

“Mud and things splattered all over my mother's house from kids just driving all the way through. They would keep her up at night,” said Ann Komar. Her mother lives next door to King. She said she confronted King about the teenagers and the late-night partying. “I asked her to stop because my mother never slept and she's by herself,” said Komar.

The police complaint also shows in November, 2010, King allegedly had sex with a 17 year old who was at her house for a party. The complaint shows King then told the 17 year old not to tell police.

Neighbors said that accusation is disturbing.

“I'm sick over it,” said Misiura. “It makes you sick, it makes you sick.”

King was released on $20,000 unsecured bail with conditions. Her son is no longer living with her and she can only have supervised visits with him. She cannot go near minors and was ordered to have a mental health exam.