Lycoming County Candidate Investigation

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Detectives from the Lycoming County district attorney's office Wednesday searched the home of a wounded Iraq war veteran who was hoping to be a candidate for state representative.

As of right now Christopher Bain's name is off the ballot and there are allegations that some signatures for his petition to run were forged.

Investigators searched Bain's home in Williamsport looking for letters or papers with samples of his and his wife's handwriting.

According to court papers, about three-dozen people in the Williamsport area whose names were on Bain's nominating petitions said they never signed them.

His campaign signs are in front of homes in and around Williamsport and Bain still hopes somehow he will win next week's Republican primary as a write-in candidate.

Newswatch 16 knocked on the door of his home in Williamsport and Bain came out to talk hours after investigators from the Lycoming County district attorney's office searched the place along Newberry Street.

According to a search warrant, Bain signed off on about a dozen pages of signatures for his campaign to be state representative from the 83rd District.

Bain claimed the signatures on the nominating petitions were legitimate. His wife, Misty, did the same.

However, investigators said numerous signatures are forgeries containing names and addresses of at least 35 people who did not sign the petition.

Bain would not comment to Newswatch 16, but according to court papers he told investigators he found a number of petitions stuck in his door. Documents go on to say Bain did not know who circulated them for him, but the wounded Iraq war veteran signed for them anyway.

Christopher Bain's campaign for state representative was somewhat derailed last month.

A state appeals court judge ruled Bain's petitions had duplicate signatures, and were eight signatures short of the needed 300.

Now Bain could face forgery charges and more as investigators in Lycoming County look into more signatures on those petitions.

Christopher Bain had been running against Harry Rogers, whose name is now the only one on the Republican ballot for the 83rd District next Tuesday.

Bain said he still plans to run a write-in campaign.

Democrat Rick Mirabito holds the seat and is running unopposed in the primary.