Victim Begs Burglars to Return Family Heirlooms

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A woman in Luzerne County whose home was burglarized is now pleading with the crooks to return some very important family heirlooms.

Thieves broke into Monica Cozzone's home in Kingston last week, clearing out several valuables. Now she hopes the burglars might hear her cry.

Flat screen TVs, game systems, electronics, all are gone.

They were taken when thieves broke into her home on James Street in Kingston early last week.

"When I got closer to the back of the house, he said you were robbed and I said, 'Like robbed?'" Cozzone recounted.

She said she came home from a trip to find her house broken into. She believes thieves may have gotten in by prying their way through a window.

She said several items were taken and some of what she lost can't be replaced. Now she hopes the thieves will have a heart.

"If you could give me my father's watch back I would really appreciate that, and a blue blanket I made for my son. I would really appreciate that, too," Cozzone said.

Cozzone is not the only victim. Her friend, Ron Hungarter, was house sitting. He wasn't there when the thieves broke in but his Jeep was in the driveway.

The homeowner believes the thieves took the Jeep and used it to haul away the items. Police then found it at Nesbit Park where it had been set on fire, but none of the items were still inside.

"I am pretty angry. They wouldn't want to bump into me, but it's a helpless feeling, it really is," Hungarter said.

Kingston police said the break-in is still under investigation.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call police.