Bears Visit Park, Food Blamed

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Wildlife officers were called out Tuesday in Lycoming County when a mamma bear and her three cubs were spotted.

The problem is they were not in the woods but rather in a park right in Montoursville.

For a time, two bear cubs were up a tree at Indian Park in Montoursville. Their mother and another cub were somewhere in the nearby brush.

All four were spotted roaming the park so the game commission was called in.

Corey Williams was fishing at the time. "I saw a bear running along the bank there and people chasing it," said Williams of New Philadelphia.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Jonathan Wyant said the bear visit is no accident and that people have been leaving food for the bruins.

He tried to tranquilize the animals before any harm was done, but the mother bear and a cub got separated from the others and all that was left to do was set a trap.

"They will not survive on their own, we have to get all or none of them," said Wyant. "When you feed them, they become habituated to people. Many people agree they're hard to get away from their houses."

Now the trap sits waiting to snare the bears so they can be returned to where they belong.

Officials hope people stop luring the bears with food of any kind.

"Being around the public pond, feeding the ducks and stuff, that's going to bring in more bear," said Daren Dalena with Montoursville's Streets and Water Department.

Wildlife officers remind everyone that as the animals come out of hibernation they will be hungry and should not be fed by humans.