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Anti-Bullying Awareness Week

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Many children say bullying is a problem at their schools.  A high school in Montour County is doing something about it.

Noelle Craft has a black eye and bruises all over her arms.  In fact, so do some of her friends. The students at Danville Area High School weren't in a fight, they used make-up to prove a point.

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt me. That's not always true.  Words do hurt and we're bringing that pain to the surface," said Craft.

The students are from Danville Area High School's Spectrum Club,  the school's diversity group. The club is holding Anti-Bullying Awareness Week." They wore shirts that said "These Are the Bruises You Don't See."

"Words do hurt and leave emotional scars and damage on most kids. No one ever realizes it," said student Kari Davis.

Some of the teens said they know what it's like to be bullied.

"A lot of times it made me really sad and want to hurt myself, but I'd talk to a guidance counselor or someone close to me and it helped," said Davis.

"I've had friends commit suicide from being bullied and it's something I feel very strongly about," added Craft.

Anti-Bullying Awareness Week continues at Danville Area High School throughout the week.  On Friday students will hold a silent day where they won't talk to raise awareness against bullying.