Tax Preparers Extending Hours as Deadline Draws Near

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You are running out of time to file your federal and state taxes.

The deadline in midnight on Tuesday, and to help the people who procrastinate, one tax business in our area is planning to stay open round-the-clock.

The Statue of Liberty mascot that has become so familiar on South Washington Avenue in Scranton stood outside Liberty Tax Service Tuesday with a constant reminder for people driving by. The tax deadline is drawing near.

Catherine Klotz of Moscow found out that she will be getting a refund on her federal taxes. She's one of the many last-minute filers who will stop in to see a tax preparer this week.

"I was afraid I was going to have to owe a lot of money," Klotz said.

Employees at Liberty Tax Service said it's people who owe that are usually those procrastinators. To make it easier on them, the office will stay open until that midnight deadline.

"People that work second shift or third shift, get off early in the morning, or before they go in to work if they want to file. We just want to let them know that were here round the clock for them," said owner Joe Mihalka.

Tax preparers plan to pull an all-nighter helping people file.

Mihalka said more people procrastinate than you would expect. That's why Liberty has decided to extend its hours.

Mihalka also said though you may have until the stroke of midnight on Tuesday to finish your federal and state taxes, your local tax may be due sooner and if you don't file on time, some municipalities add a fine.

Employees at Liberty Tax Service said as the deadline creeps up, they will be filing extensions too.

"I think they either think they owe or know they owe and they don't want the IRS to take their money," added Mihalka.

Every minute counts now, and employees at Liberty Tax Service said filing will only take about an hour.