Police Say Woman Killed During Break-in

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A woman was killed Saturday during an early morning break-in at her home, according to state police.

Investigators haven’t said much, but we were told a 64-year-old woman was shot and killed inside a house near Milton. Police are calling this a criminal homicide and a burglary. There are no suspects in custody.

State police were called to 1060 Phillips Road in Turbot Township shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday morning. Troopers said Robert Thomas and his wife, Patricia, woke up when someone allegedly came into their house.

According to police, Robert was hit in the head, and Patricia was shot and killed. Police have not said if there are any suspects. They have only said this is an ongoing investigation that is being called a criminal homicide. The alleged crime happened in a very remote area in Turbot Township.

Joshua Richard and his three children live down the street from where the shooting happened. He said the victims were nice people.

“The couple you're speaking of is very friendly. I can't imagine anything happening around here like this,” said Richard.

A state trooper also lives down the street from where the shooting happened. A woman who lives across the street said the shooting happened "too close to home" and she is scared for her safety. She also said the victims always left their outside lights on. Richard said he can't believe something like this happened in what he calls a "quiet neighborhood.”

“It's definitely scary. We take things for granted out here, we let our kids run around. There will definitely be some changes. Watching them (the kids) a little more, making sure things are more secure and things like that,” said Richard.

Robert Thomas was treated and released from a hospital. An autopsy for Patricia Thomas is scheduled for Monday.