Man Wanted for Firing Shots at Trooper

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State police still looking for evidence and the man who they said shot twice at a trooper early Friday morning in Luzerne County.

The man state police are looking for is William Gronosky Junior, the same man suspected of a robbery in Luzerne County last month.

Around 1 a.m. Friday, troopers said, Gronosky fired two shots at them on Route 11 just south of Plymouth Township near Hunlock Creek.

State police said they believe Gronosky is still in the area and he is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Throughout the day troopers searched several neighborhoods looking for the man who they said shot at them.

Around 10:30 a.m. a state trooper was looking for evidence of the shooting along Route 11 about a mile south of The Carousel Gentleman's Lounge.

It is the same place, police said, Gronosky and another man robbed on March 15. State police said they received a tip that Gronosky was inside the strip club in Plymouth Township early Friday morning.

Troopers said when they arrived they spotted Gronosky driving a 2011 gold Chevy Cruze and tried to pull him over, but he took off and fired two shots at them.

Throughout the day, police followed up on leads which took them to the parsons section of Wilkes-Barre.

"We seen about 10, 15 cop cars pull in, vested up, loaded shotguns. All took off at the same time towards Plains and everything just happened down that way," said Ken August of West Pittston.

"We didn't know what was going on. We figured it wasn't the best neighborhood so it had something to do with drugs or something. There was a helicopter and cop cars and that was it," said Tom Meighan of Forty Fort.

Just after noon, state police went to a neighborhood in the heights section of West Nanticoke and searched several homes but found no signs of Gronosky.

"It makes you a little nervous.  You don't know if they are going to come your way. It's in your area. It makes you nervous, especially when you  have a kid," said Thomas Ryakiewicz of Forty Fort.

State police said Gronosky was last seen driving the gold Chevy Cruze with Pennsylvania license number FTF 1838.

Gronosky is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous. Anyone with information about his whereabouts or the car is asked to call 911.