Restoring Shenandoah’s Past

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Workers in Schuylkill County are busy restoring a piece of history.

When coal was king Shenandoah had several train stations. All but one have been torn down.

Crews are busy bringing back the freight station which served Shenandoah a century ago. The historic building is owned by the Anczarski family.

"Hopefully the outside is done this year and then we'll see how the finances are and we will see what we can do with the inside," said John Anczarski.

"It will make Shenandoah have something for people come see which will be great for the town," said Joey Anczarski.

The restoration is a work in progress. Money isn't easy to come by so a group dedicated to help the downtown is stepping in with a grant.

"They will be getting $5,000 because they will be spending more than $10,000 on it. It's a matching grant," said Mary Luscavage of Downtown Shenandoah Inc.

Some of those doing the work realize the train station was built by hand.

"When I find their work when going through the frame and I go through the frame and see their work without our machines it's impressive," said Henry Lapp of Pine Creek Construction.

Officials said the train station will not be the first or last historic restoration in Shenandoah.