Tax Deadline Less Than One Week Away

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With a little more than a week before tax returns are due, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Williamsport is a busy place.

Willie Crowe is the assistant manager of the branch on Pine Street.  She said her staff is currently seeing around 50 people a day, most of them last-minute income tax filers!

"The tax returns are a little longer now and lengthy, so if you don't want to wait, schedule an appointment. We'll be happy to E-file for you," said Crow.

Venice Carter stopped by the Williamsport Post Office on Hepburn Street.  She said she has been too busy to file her taxes and usually waits until the last minute.

"I was trying to do it today but it doesn't seem like I have time to.  I've got other things to do now on my day off," said Carter.

This year the deadline to file your state and federal income taxes is Tuesday, April 17 because April 15 is a Sunday and the next day is a holiday in Washington D.C.

John Brindger said his taxes are almost done, and he's happy to have two extra days.

"We postponed it a little bit because of busyness in our lives but it's usually deadline.  Just the way it is. We get it done though," said Brindger.

Crowe said her Jackson Hewitt office will stay open late, right up until the deadline.  Taxes must be postmarked by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday.  Crowe suggests last-minute filers come prepared.

"Just make sure they have all their information when they come in, that way we don't have to put it on hold and wait for information," said Crowe.

If you do wait until the last minute, make sure you give yourself enough time.  The only post office open until 11:59 p.m. in our viewing area is the Lehigh valley Post Office.  The rest close at the normal time.