New ABC Sitcom Stars Area Woman

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The new ABC comedy, "Don`t Trust the B--- in Apartment 23," premiers tonight and one of the lead actresses is from northeastern Pennsylvania.

Krysten Ritter grew up in Columbia and Luzerne counties, where many of her family members still live. They said they could not be prouder.

Ritter stars in the new ABC comedy, "Don`t Trust the B--- in Apt. 23." Yep, she is the B---, the roommate described as a wild, sophisticated party girl.

Her character, family members said, is the complete opposite of the northeastern Pennsylvania native.

"She`s a mean girl and real life, she`s like the sweetest person you could ever meet. She`s outgoing, great personality," said Ritter's sister, Bailey Taylor.

Ritter spent her teen years on a beef farm near Shickshinny. Her mother, stepfather and sister Bailey still live in the home.

Her mother shared pictures of a young Krysten on the family's farm.

Krysten attended Northwest Area high school, where her sister is a freshman. Ritter graduated in 2000 and was voted 'Most likely to live in an exotic land.'

Family members said she has come a long way, from modeling in Japan, to movies, to now her own sitcom.

"It was hard. She says she`s gotten knocked down quite a few times, but every time she hears a no, it`s another step to getting to a yes. So it`s a big deal that she finally got a main role," added Taylor.

When she was younger, Krysten lived in Benton, Columbia County. Her stepmother said she used to love to go to the Benton Dam and catch crayfish.

Krysten's grandfather still lives in Benton and proudly displays pictures of his granddaughter.

Her father and stepmother live there too, and are all amazed at what she has accomplished.

"She`s always been a go-getter, never one to stand around and talk, just go and do things, jump around and dance. She`s always been like that from little up. We`re very proud of her, no question about it," said her grandfather Harry Ritter.

"Maybe she`ll mention Shickshinny in the show some day, I don`t know," laughed Wayne Wolfe, owner of Five Mountain Hardware in Shickshinny.

People who live in the Shickshinny area said Ritter has also made the community proud.

"I think it`s pretty cool that somebody from here can get out and make it. It`s a good example for anybody here, if you dream big enough, you can get out of here and do anything you want to," added Wolfe.

Krysten Ritter stars in "Don`t Trust the B--- in Apt. 23" tonight at 9:30 on WNEP and ABC.

Her family and friends said they will certainly be watching.