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Meth Lab Found, Two Arrested

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Two people are in custody accused of making methamphetamine in Luzerne County.

Police said Chris Cragle and Shannon Lewis were taken into custody Tuesday morning at a trailer along Route 118 near Red Rock.

The meth operation's home base was located at a property along Route 118 in Luzerne County east of Ricketts Glen State Park, said investigators with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

A lab team went to work marking evidence and dismantling the meth lab that was discovered early Tuesday. Christopher Cragle and his girlfriend Shannon Lewis cooked there as recently as Monday night, according to investigators.

"He cooks at various locations in Sweet Valley sometimes here, sometimes other places. We know he cooked here last night and we served a warrant here today," said John Soprano, regional director with the PA Attorney General's Office.

Hours later, Cragle and Lewis were cuffed and led away to face charges, including manufacturing meth, risking catastrophe and more.

Cragle rents the trailer where the bust was made and the landlord said it was a surprise to have police raid the property.

"It was just a surprise because there was no traffic or anything, a total shock this morning when police knocked on the door," said Walter O'Hara.

Both Cragle and Lewis are locked up in Luzerne County on $20,000 bail.

Investigators said they were found with about four pounds of meth oil, which is meth in one of the final processing stages.