Recyclables Piling Up in Hometown

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Recycling is supposed to make things cleaner and greener, but that's not always the case.

Recycling bins in Hometown are overflowing.  They are there so people can drop of their bottles, cans, cardboard and other things instead of tossing them into the trash.

Claudia Gogal pulled up to drop off some stuff Tuesday but decided not to get out of her car.

"It seems that the bins are too full to do that so I won't leave the trash there. I will just hold on to my things for a few more days," Gogal said.

The Hometown bins are on land owned by the fire department. The fire chief said this has been an issue for years and recycler John Shigo is not surprised.

"It's a shame. Three people pulled up in the 10 minutes that we were there with my recyclables and trying to shove it in or just dropped it in the parking lot which is unfair to the Hometown Fire Company where the bins are located," Shigo said.

The county has 25 drop-off points and estimates about 10 are overfilled in some way.

"You take your time and effort and you pull in with a truck full of stuff and the bins are full and who is going to take the stuff back home," Shigo added.

A spokesman for the Schuylkill County Recycling Program said they are a bit behind in picking up the recyclables for several reasons, including several workers calling in sick. He does promise to have these messes cleaned up by the end of the week.