Heart Health Fair at Regional Hospital of Scranton

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A Heart Health Fair was held at Regional Hospital of Scranton, the first of what officials hope will be an annual event.  Hospital officials wanted to host the free event to arm people with as much information as possible, and offer a variety of screenings, including cholesterol and blood pressure.

"This way was our opportunity to let the community see first hand some of these devices, so maybe if they need them they won't be as afraid," said Elaine Walker, Director of Cardiovascular Services at the hospital.

"It's open to anybody, regardless of what hospital or health care provider they use. We just want to give the community a great education on how they can improve their health status," Cindy Segar-Miller told us.  She is the chief operating officer.

Demonstrations included an actual machine used to keep the blood pumping during certain heart procedures, and a chef showing people how easy it is to prepare heart-healthy snacks and meals.

Lori Chase, from the American Heart Association, says lots of people seem to have questions about how they can eat healthier.

"A lot is about diet, diet and blood pressure.  We've been giving them lots of heart healthy recipes," said Chase.

Organizers expected as many as 500 people to attend the Heart Health Fair.