Bloomsburg’s Kidsburg Torn Down

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Children in Bloomsburg will need to find a new place to play this summer.

Because of damage from the September floods, Town Park's playground Kidsburg, was torn down.

Isaac Tripp of Wapwallopen and his brothers usually play on the swings or sliding board when they come to Kidsburg.

"We came here to play and have fun.  Now that I'm older, we still come to play and have fun," Tripp said.

On Tuesday, instead of playing Tripp and his brothers watched Kidsburg get torn down.

Kidsburg was built in 1993.  Since then thousands of children from the Bloomsburg area spent time playing there.

Over the years, flood damage took its toll and after the September floods community leaders decided the playground needed to be demolished.

"I'm glad they are tearing it down because of the flood damage it got.  There were issues of whether or not it's stable or clean, bacteria, things like that," said Danielle Tripp.

Julie Kuznicki watched it being torn down and said she felt a piece of her childhood went with it.

"My parents used to bring me here all the time to play. I would spend hours here," Kuznicki said.

"We've lived here for 15 years and my kids and I have spent a lot of time at the park. I'm going to cry," said Jackie Lewis of Bloomsburg.

"I'm too old to play here now obviously, but it was a good memory. I did have fun times here," Kuznicki added.

Bloomsburg's Town Park Association said it plans to rebuild the playground and call it Kidsburg 2.0.

The president of the Bloomsburg Town Park Association said it will cost around $200,000 to rebuild Kidsburg.  He said he sees a lot of fundraising in the near future, but construction on Kidsburg 2.0 will not start until all of the money is raised.