Shots Fired in Nanticoke Attempted Home Invasion

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Police in Luzerne County are investigating after shots were fired in an attempted home invasion and robbery.

Nanticoke police are looking for three men they said tried to break into an apartment early Sunday morning and fired several shots inside.

Smashed glass and a boarded up door were evidence of what Nanticoke police are calling an attempted home invasion and robbery at the Eastside Apartments on East Noble Street.

A state police forensics unit was on scene after investigators said several shots were fired into an apartment around 4:30 a.m. Sunday.

A man and woman were in the apartment at the time.

Neighbor Mary Grace Galada saw all the police activity.

"I came out, took my dogs out on this beautiful Easter morning and saw the police here, state police, which is unusual. It wasn`t the local police. I just wanted to see what was up and I saw them walking the length of the sidewalk," said Mary Grace Galada.

Nanticoke Police said three men tried to break in the front door of the apartment. When they were unable to, the men came around the side and smashed the sliding glass door.  When the people inside yelled, investigators said one of the men reached in and fired several shots.

No one was hurt by the shots.

Police did recover shell casings and spent rounds from the gun.

Witnesses said they saw the three men running down the street, dressed in dark clothing, one carrying the gun.

Some neighbors said the crime was not a shock.

"It`s happening everywhere. It`s just a matter of time before it happened here. Things are getting bad everywhere," said Richard Sorrill of Nanticoke.

"I hope every place could be a little safer. I guess I hope the police would step up the forces and be a little more aggressive," added Galada. "The town's not the same as when I moved here. It was a quiet town, but it`s not anymore."

Police are not saying what the men may have been looking for.

Anyone with information on the attempted home invasion is asked to call Nanticoke Police at (570) 735-2200.