Twin Tennis Stars

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Harry and George Parkhurst are twin brothers who are equally talented, equally driven, and equally competitive when it comes to playing tennis.

They have played together since they were nine years old and now, nine years later, Harry and George are looking to finish their senior year at Wyoming Seminary as two of the top players in the state.

They enjoy playing with each other and against each other and agree that pushing one another to improve helps them in the long run. They are confident as they enter their final season of high school tennis, as both are the reigning district champions.

Harry said he will be disappointed if he doesn't win a state championship and George agrees.

Next year the brothers will go their separate ways, as George will play tennis for Siena in New York and Harry will attend Penn State, but their distance won't keep these brothers from remaining close.

Their rivalry is a friendly and supportive one that they hope will continue for many years to come.