100,000 Toy Eggs Dropping from the Sky

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Every year, the White House holds an Easter egg roll that boasts how big the event is because 35,000 eggs are scattered on the back lawn.

In our area, one Easter egg hunt tripled the White House’s egg total, making it one of the largest scrambles in the northeast.

Members of the Pocono Community Church host an Easter egg hunt so big they need not one, but two helicopters to drop the eggs on the fields.

Church volunteers think it`s the biggest event of the year.

One hundred thousand eggs should be enough for everyone, but church volunteers said they hope the eggs, some stuffed with Christian themed toys, will give kids a bit of a lesson, after the excitement of the hunt.

“Throughout the week, we’ve had hundreds of volunteers up there stuffing eggs and coordinating all the logistics,” said church volunteer Denise Wicks.

“This is a way to reach out to the community to help them learn about our lord Jesus Christ, and to help people understand the true meaning of why we celebrate this holiday,” said Judy Serrine of East Stroudsburg.

Of course much of that is up to the parents, as their kids focus on seeking a basket full of eggs, because 100,000 of them don’t last very long during this popular Easter egg hunt.