Kielbasi, an Easter Tradition

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A big part of the Easter holiday for a lot of people is traditional food, and that includes ham and kielbasi.

It is a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years, buying the ham and of course kielbasi for Easter Sunday.

Stores all over our area have been busy preparing the holiday meats for customers buying their Easter dinners.

David Fetch, owner of Fetch`s in Wyoming, said around this time of year it is always extremely busy.

"It`s a tradition in the area for all ethnic groups in the area, no particular group. Everybody likes kielbasi for Christmas and Easter," said Fetch.

Kielbasi is a type of sausage from eastern Europe that not everyone may be familiar with, but Fetch said everyone who tries it, loves it.

"The secret is tender love and care in your preparation of your meats and your spices," Fetch added.

Geri Maseychik from Harveys Lake said she has been buying kielbasi from Fetch's for more than 10 years.

"My parents always had it, my grandparents had it we just continue it on, and now for my grandchildren, and my grandson who is with us, he loves it the most," said Geri Maseychik.

Not only are people buying Fetch's famous kielbasi they are also buying the traditional Easter ham.

George Yanchuk from Wilkes-Barre said he comes here for their great ham.

"It's for the holiday, that's all I remember for the holiday, ever since I was a kid. It was always on the holiday," said Yanchuk.

The people at Fetch's said they will continue preparing the holiday meats,  as long as their customers continue their Easter traditions.