Power to Save the Environment

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A few days ago, a study done by the University of Wisconsin named Union County the healthiest county in Pennsylvania.

Students at Bucknell University in Lewisburg hope to make it even cleaner this weekend.

"Stream cleanup, helping shop owners, help them do their spring cleaning," said Lynn Pierson, Assistant Director of Community Service at Bucknell University.

She is in charge of Bucknell University's Neighborhood Thaw Out. She said close to 200 students will clean up different places in Lewisburg this weekend.

"A couple of our stream cleanups will help streams be a little bit healthier.  It will get waste out of there, wrappers, cups, whatever it is," said Pierson.

On Saturday there will be a ground breaking at Bucknell Lewisburg Community Garden in Lewisburg.  Students will clean things up beforehand to get ready for it.

"We'll just be working and planting and building the fence around the garden," said senior Jessica Macaluso.  She volunteered at last year's Neighborhood Thaw Out and plans to do it again this year. "I live downtown so it's great to be involved in the community outside of Bucknell and help out with the community and not be seen as just a student but a member of the community."

The Neighborhood Thaw Out is scheduled for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning in Lewisburg making Union County an even cleaner place.