Police Crack Down on Aggressive Drivers

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Several police agencies in Luzerne County cracked down Thursday on aggressive driving.

Officers set up speed traps along a busy stretch of Wyoming Avenue in Forty Fort and ticketed several drivers.

Federal highway grant money helped fund the equipment used by the police in cracking down on aggressive drivers.

Forty Fort Police Chief Fred Lahovski said his officers cited close to a dozen drivers in just a few hours. He said statistics show aggressive drivers cause crashes. By slowing drivers down and putting a police presence out there, the goal is to limit the number of crashes caused by aggressive driving.

"It couldn't have come at a better time. We had a series of events on Wyoming Avenue and most recently a roll-over accident. It's an indication that our municipality is going to take proactive stance in reacting to the statistical data that says we have a problem," said Lahovski.

Bonnie Lukesh lives on Wyoming Avenue next to where police set up their speed trap.

"I'm glad they do. There's a lot of kids here and bikes, animals, dog walkers and they speed terribly," said Lukesh.

The driver of a mini van was clocked going 54 miles per hour through the speed trap, 19 miles per hour over the 35 speed limit. The driver didn't receive a warning. She was ticketed.

Police said they hope the campaign serves as a warning to other drivers to obey the traffic laws.