Another Court Appearance for Sandusky

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Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was back in a courtroom Thursday morning in Centre County, and as with all of his court appearances, there was a sea of reporters and cameras there.

Sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. He arrived before the scheduled 9 a.m. hearing with his wife and attorney Joe Amendola.

Instead of a lengthy hearing on a slew of defense motions, Sandusky's attorney withdrew most of them.

The judge is expected to rule next week on the remaining few motions dealing with jury selection which is set to take place in two months.

After the short hearing, Sandusky left without saying a word.

As has been the case following previous hearings in Bellefonte, Joe Amendola, Sandusky's defense attorney, took to the podium outside the courthouse telling reporters he will likely be able to revisit the motion to dismiss all charges against his client in late May in the run up to the trial in early June.

"What we anticipate is on our key motions to throw out the case entirely, the judge is saying hold off on making that decision at a later date," said Amendola.

That is because there is still a grand jury investigation and attorneys said more evidence related to the case may surface.

It was prosecutors who had the harshest words for Amendola and Sandusky's defense, saying all the pretrial motions are a lengthy and pointless effort to prevent the alleged victims from having their day in court.

"All the motions that were filed, were withdrawn. He folded his tents because the defendant did not wish to hear the litany of perversions he's accused of and that he, in fact, committed," said Deputy Attorney General Joseph McGettigan.

Amendola made it clear he will keep asking for the trial date to be pushed back to be better prepared but acknowledged it will take a monumental reason to move the trial any later in the year.

"We'll be ready whenever we have to be ready," he said.

Within 20 minutes the hearing was over and Jerry Sandusky was headed back home where he is under house arrest.

As the judge said, this is a case that is still in flux, meaning there is still an active grand jury investigation that could lead to even more charges.

Amendola expects he will be able to argue for dismissal of all charges sometime in the lead-up to the trial, perhaps mid to late May because more information could come to light between now and then.

"What we anticipate is on our key motions to throw out the case entirely. The judge is saying hold off on making that decision at a later date," said Amendola.

He has maintained that the charges against Sandusky are not specific enough and should be thrown out.

Jerry Sandusky did not speak to the media Thursday and according to his attorney, will be ready to go to trial in June if the judge does not grant any more continuances.

Attorney Amendola said the next hearing for possibly the same issues could be mid May.