Teacher in Court for Allegedly Hitting Teens with Jeep

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A teacher was in court Wednesday in Northumberland County.

Police said the Shamokin Area Elementary school teacher last week hit a group of teenagers who were walking and biking together, then took off.

Victor Swaboski didn't have much to say as he walked into a courtroom in Mount Carmel. The sixth grade teacher from Shamokin is accused of driving drunk last week, hitting five teenagers with his Jeep and leaving them screaming for help as he drove away.

“After the impact occurred, the way he reacted to the whole situation, the way he acted as a person, by leaving the scene of an accident and then running,” said one of the victim’s uncles, Robert Harvey.

His niece, Seanna Zimmerman was one of the teenagers hit. She was flown to Geisinger Medical Center. Zimmerman was the only teen to testify at Swaboski's preliminary hearing. She said she remembers laying on the side of the road while her friends screamed in pain.

Zimmerman said she used to go to Shamokin Area Elementary School and had Swaboski for a teacher. She said Swaboski was a good teacher, and she doesn't want to see him go to jail for a long time.

Zimmerman's mom, Brenda Miscavage, and another teen who was hit, Jarret Schultz, both said they do want Swaboski to spend a long time behind bars for leaving the scene of a crash without making sure the teens were okay.

“Being here today, hopefully justice is served. I believe all the kids involved deserve a public apology and the law should stand up for what is right,” said Miscavage.

Victor Swaboski's attorney asked for a reduction in bail Wednesday afternoon. The judge granted that request, lowering Swaboski's bail to $50,000 cash. Swaboski's attorney said his client plans to go to rehab as soon as he is out of jail. Swaboski pleaded not guilty so this case will go to trial in Northumberland County.