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Keystone Baseball Team

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Keystone College lost in the National Semifinals in 2011 and finished fifth in the country in Division III college baseball. In 2012 the pitching staff is setting great marks in several categories ranking them near the top in all of college baseball. Leading the way is Rob Rogers and his 0.41 era with a (2-1) record and one earned run in 22 innings. Also Blaine O'Brien and his 1.12 era has looked good. Posting 28 strikeouts thru 24 innings.

The Keystone College baseball staff is eating up innings and earning extra points for their sub 2.00 earned run average. Putting them in the top 10 nationally for all division I, II, and III schools.

"That's been amazing that's one of our biggest accomplishments so far to have an era among all of college baseball at the top of the list and being up there in a couple other pitching categories is a great testament to our kids. Our pitching coach Chris Homer he works his tail off with these guys and a great attribute to our staff," said Jamie Shevchik.

For a Keystone pitching staff made up of 20 guys their obviously getting contributions from everywhere. In the York(PA) game alone five different guys came to the mound three righties, two lefties. They gave up three earned runs and 10 hits.

"Yes it's really cool. Being #1 in hits allowed in games out of all division I, division II, and III it's great step for our pitching staff. And to be having an era in the top three is a really great step," said Mike Pembleton.

Last season the Giants lost in the division III National semifinals and finished fifth in the country, and out of the shoot this year their consistently making plays on defense and producing runs on offense. Ranking them in the top 10 once again.

"Our pitching's great and me playing behind them I'm honored to play behind these pitchers. I know we're going to go far because our pitching is strong and our hitting is coming around," said Esteban Meletiche.

"I always say you need three things to win a baseball game offense,defense, and pitching and two out of the three is going to get you a "W" Most of the time. Our bats are starting to come around if we can consistently hit with the defense and the pitching we have we got a shot to get back to where we we're last year," added Jamie.

These Giants won't win a Superbowl but they are super charged to win a National title.