College Seeks Donations for New Field

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Lycoming College in Williamsport is looking to upgrade its gridiron.

David Person Field is currently a grass field and the college wants to replace it with artificial turf.

Warrior football players said when the field gets wet they are more prone to injuries. Lycoming College is one of only two teams in the Middle Atlantic Conference without a turf playing surface.

Spring football practice is in full swing at Lycoming College in Williamsport. Student athletes are getting ready for a full season of games this Fall.

"There's a legitimate chance we can have this project in place for this year, it's going to depend on how we do from a fundraising standpoint," said Coach Mike Clark.

Lycoming College is asking for about $500,000 in donations from alumni and the community to pay for the new field, said Coach Clark to help pay for the roughly $1 million project.

The new turf would make the team more competitive, according to players.

"Going from playing on our field is playing a little slower than going to turf, a little faster game," said running back Parker Showers.

When rains come and the ground gets muddy and soggy, that makes it more difficult to play and may even lead to injuries, said some players.

"We've had kids in the past because of weather related issues getting hurt, whether it's an ankle roll or certain sprain," said Showers.

Plus, practice space is at a premium and if the grass gets replaced with turf, the Lycoming Warriors will be able to practice where they play.

Athletics officials said the new field would cost $1.1 million.

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