Business Booming in Selinsgrove

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Business is booming one part of Snyder County.  According to the downtown manager, several new businesses have opened recently including two just this week.

In addition to those two new restaurants opening this week, 10 other locally owned businesses have opened in downtown Selinsgrove over the past year.  Store owners said they are happy to be in a place where new businesses keep coming in.

Business is brisk at Bella's Pizza in Downtown Selinsgrove.  The restaurant just opened on Monday.

Domenico Napoli owns Bella's Pizza on Market Street as well as Isabella's Restaurant, right next door.  He hopes his new pizza place has the same success he's experienced so far.

"Selinsgrove is growing very quickly. Over the last few years, not much was going on downtown. We have good management that is working hard to bring new businesses downtown," said Domenico Napoli, owner of Bella's Pizza.

Mary Bannon is the Main Street Manager in Selinsgrove.  She says over the past year 12 businesses have opened in the downtown.

"One starts opening, then another and another and the people realize, let's support our town, let's come downtown," said Mary Bannon.

Bannon tells Newswatch 16 that last year at this time, 30 percent of the store fronts in the downtown were vacant.  She says now only five percent are empty.

"They've been supported by the town and the university.  They have great energy in the downtown," said Bannon.

Stacey Martin owns The Post and Lintel Art Gallery.  The place recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

"When I first opened up there weren't a lot of businesses.  As the year passed, a lot are coming to the downtown," said Stacey Martin.

Some shoppers said they agree.

"Instead of going to a mall, it's nice and convenient.  You can walk to all of the little shops and there is a lot of variety.  You can get things for your home, clothing or jewelry," said Alyssa Von Schaumburg of Selinsgrove.

According to one of the business owners, several more shops are set to open in Downtown Selinsgrove over the next few months.