A Fund for the Victims

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Two businesses in Shenandoah have set up a fund, raising money for victims of the fire that left four people including three children dead last week.

Mrs. T's Pierogies and M&T Bank are each donating $1,000.  They're hoping others follow their lead to help.

One week after a fire that killed four people, dozens and dozens of teddy bears, flowers, and balloons pour off the porch of the home in Shenandoah.

It has been a week of mourning for Tiffany Sanchez, her 10-year-old son Cristian and her nephews, 10-year-old Damien Lopez and seven-month old Aziah Hernandez.

At Mrs. T's Pierogies and M&T Bank in Shenandoah, news of the deaths has been crushing. Those businesses also want to help the dozen or so who survived the fire and lost everything.

"Shenandoah is a good community.  A lot of good people are in the town.  When you lose lives it hits home.  It's right at your front door," said Mark Bernardyn, the M&T Bank manager.

Both businesses are donating a $1,000 each to a fund they are starting for the victims.

They're hoping others follow their lead to help.

"You don't even have to be involved with the community.  There are kids involved, families. It's extremely difficult.  We just want to help soften it as best we can," said Wayne Holben, a Mrs. T's spokesman.

"For a small community. It's great that those two are getting together to do this. It shows a lot of support from them," said Kathy Weikel, godmother to the eight-year-old boy who survived the fire.

Diego Sanchez lost his mom, brother and close cousins.

"It's tough for him. He lost his brothers. I can't put words for what he's feeling.  He's too quiet," said Weikel.

Sanchez is now one of this fire's victims who will get help from this fund.

"They weren't a rich family to begin with.  They weren't a family that asked for a lot. But I'm glad their getting something out of it. " said Weikel.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Shenandoah Fire Victims Fund may do so at any M&T Bank or by mailing a donation to 2 South Main Street, Shenandoah, PA 17976.