New Coffee Shop Helps Improve Downtown Nanticoke

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A trendy, new coffee shop in downtown Nanticoke could be just the start of what some say is a much-needed makeover for the city in Luzerne County.

Current and future business owners in Nanticoke could get some free money to help spruce up the neighborhood.

Kimberly Coffee opened Coffee's Coffee about two weeks ago and business is booming.

"We've been here pretty much every single day on our breaks so we love it here," said Cherie Hendry, a student at LCCC.

Customers from college students to senior citizens can now get their caffeine fix on Main Street.

"I tried to make it trendy for the college kids and being that I graduated from the University of Miami I was inspired by a lot of Miami design and that's what I geared it for," said Kimberly Coffee.

Just outside Coffee's Coffee Shop, many stores on Main Street sit empty. There's an incentive for business owners to come to Nanticoke.  Shop owners who spend up to $5,000 on store front repairs could be eligible for matching grants from the state, and from the city of Nanticoke for a total of $15,000 to improve their storefronts.

"Keep it here, keep it in the people's business. It will thrive. I believe that firmly.  Get people walking and spending money in their own little towns instead of big box places. This is homey. This is good," said Dan Ward.

Some business owners said they hope the grant money will not only help out existing business owners but also encourage new ones to move into all the empty store fronts in downtown Nanticoke.

"The money's out there I guess or I hope so, why not.  That's a no brainer. If they are going to match why not take advantage of it. It benefits all of us," said Jim Bartuska of Bartuska's Furniture.

He said he would like a new awning and windows on his furniture store.

Back at Coffee's Coffee, look for outdoor furniture and a lighted canopy to brighten Main Street in Nanticoke by summer.