Bringing Palm Sunday to Life

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Churches in our area celebrated Palm Sunday, commemorating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem the week before Easter.

One church in Wayne County celebrated in a very literal fashion this year.

No one mistakes Waymart in Wayne County for Jerusalem, but on the borough's streets a man resembling Christ and riding a donkey passed an adoring throng waving palm leaves, and on this day, Waymart transformed into Jerusalem of nearly 2,000 years ago.

“I thought it would be a good, inspirational thing for the community,” said Calvary United Methodist Church Pastor Joshua Yorks.

He played the role of Christ, riding the donkey into Waymart and causing a stir.

“I’m experimenting and being willing to do crazy things to help people come to the church,” said Yorks.

There is a point behind these crazy things. Members of Calvary United wanted to make this holy Sunday memorable for a younger generation of churchgoers.

“It's a visual thing for them to see and to get a little piece of what Holy Week was like,” said church member Stepheny Rush.

“It’s actually really nice to bring people to the church, because as we were walking, people were joining it. So yeah, it's a nice thing to bring to the church and it brings the children out, too,” said church member Danielle Ofner.

“I do believe it was a big success,” said Rush.

On Palm Sunday, thousands in our area refreshed their beliefs when they worshiped at their chosen church.

However, in this community, they made the Bible come alive.

“A lot of the old methods that had brought people in aren't working anymore. So we're trying new things,” said Yorks.

This new thing taught young and old the history and importance of Palm Sunday in real time on the streets of Waymart.