Power To Save Recycling Results

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Viewers came from far and wide to turn in their electronics, tires and documents to be recycled.  The results surprised and impressed us all.  Here is a report on how well you did and what happens to the items you turned in.


WNEP-TV and Jack Williams Tire and Auto teamed up to offer a collection to clean up those piles of used tires.  You turned in over 6,800 tires.  But what became of them?  Don Jacobs took a ride to Whitehall, PA where Lafarge uses them as an alternative fuel source:


WNEP-TV and ECO International worked feverishly to clear the traffic of the viewers who brought in everything from laptop computers to console televisions.  After 3-days, you filled 34 tracter trailers of electronics:  a state record of over 700,000 pounds of electronics.  Watch what happens to those... everything is totally recycled.


WNEP-TV and Paper Eaters, Dallas, PA, made personal document shredding available for our viewers.  In all, over 14,500 pounds of shredded paper was recycled and sent to paper mills.  Safe and reuseable, and out of the landfill.  Here is how that recycling went at the Home and Backyard Expo:


Some people don't realize the extra tool they have in their home repair arsenal.  PPL EU shows us how to use that computer mouse to save money on our home electric bills.  Watch here: