“Mega Millions” Hopefuls Play for Record Jackpot

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Another kind of march madness today all over our area. All because the mega millions jackpot is now up to $640,000,000.

We found James Ritter with an envelope of money and a list of names at Quinn's Cafe in Archbald. It's his Mega Millions pool.  He and his co-workers chipped in to better their chance at the jackpot.

"I have about 17 people and 120 dollars," Ritter said.

While some players let a computer decide their fate. Others spent a little time picking the six numbers that could win them the record breaking jackpot.

Dave McGurrin of Archbald sat and filled in his usual "Cash 5" numbers with hopes of a higher return.

"I hope so, I hope so, that would be nice!" McGurrin said.

When the jackpot went up from $540 million to $640 million the clerks at Quinn's Cafe ran out of the Mega Millions tickets and had to get another batch. They say there aren't just more lottery customers, but people are buying more chances at once.

"People who normally would spend a dollar on the mega are spending, there was one about $84 in one shot," said clerk LaRhonda Neal.

At the Convenient Mart in Jermyn, people were playing because the store is said to be "lucky". A million dollar lottery ticket was sold there three years ago.

"Because I always feel lucky here, and I live close, I live in Mayfield so I always stop in here and get my tickets," said Johann Evans.

Evans took a chance along with millions of others. If you played, you have a one in 176,000,000 chance.