Biggest Jackpot in History

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It was a mega night on Friday.

The drawing reached $640 million!

It eclipses by quite a margin the next four biggest jackpots in US history.

No jackpot has ever even topped $400 million, including two other mega millions jackpots, a Powerball drawing in 2006 and "the big game," the precursor to the Mega Millions.

Hundreds of millions of tickets were sold for the drawing nationwide.

Newswatch 16 found James Ritter with an envelope of money and a list of names at Quinn's Cafe in Archbald. It's his Mega Millions pool.

He and his co-workers chipped in to better their chance at the jackpot.

“I have about 17 people and $120," Reporter:  “Who gets to pick the numbers?"  “Just random, just random picks, we're going off luck," said Ritter.

Luck is about all most lottery players have to go on, with the odds of winning so low they're almost incalculable.

That's why many players choose to pool their money and buy multiple tickets, figuring that splitting a jackpot that enormous is still more than enough.

“We all went in a pool, like our family and the guys he works with, and we bought like $80  worth of tickets,” said Britni Murphy of Taylor.

Players realize this is no ordinary lottery prize. It is an obscene amount of money. So much money that financial planner Chris DiMattio said it will be difficult for most average Americans to comprehend.

“After you talk to your lawyer, state police, get some armored cars up to your home to make sure the ticket gets to the right place,” said DiMattio.

DiMattio said he's seen people come into large sums of money in the past, and he finds it remarkable how easy it can be for some of them to just flat out lose it all.

“They don't factor in taxes and then they don't factor in that a lot of people that are related to them are going to come looking for favors, and neighbors are going to come looking for favors, and charities are going to be coming out of the woodwork,” said DiMattio.