Prosecution Rests in Parrish Murder Trial

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The prosecution rested Wednesday afternoon in the Michael Parrish murder trial in Monroe County.

Wednesday a state trooper testified that the victims were shot several times and jurors were shown graphic video of the crime scene.

After three days of testimony, much of it evoking emotion from the two victims' family, the defense will begin its case Thursday morning.

Wednesday's testimony included disturbing video and a taped interview in which Michael Parrish confessed to shooting and killing his girlfriend and baby.

It is now the defense's turn to call witnesses to testify on behalf of this man Michael Parrish.

Police said Parrish shot and killed Victoria Adams and their young son, Sidney Parrish in July of 2009 inside the couple's apartment in Effort.

The prosecution said Parrish believed Adams was cheating on him.

After the murders Parrish took off with a friend and was caught a little more than a day later in New Hampshire.

The defense said it's not a case of who done it, but rather that Parrish shot the two while in a jealous rage.

In court Wednesday prosecutors showed video of the crime scene as family members of the victims broke down.

The video included graphic images of the bodies of Adams and toddler Sidney lying where they were shot.

The lead investigator on the case also took the stand.

He interviewed Parrish soon after the murders. He testified that during that interview Parrish confessed to the crime.

An audio recording was also played for the jury.

During the 29-minute recording. Parrish is heard explaining what happened the night he said he shot and killed Adams and their son, Sidney about 12 times.

He told investigators, "I lost it." He then was heard saying, "There's no excuse for what I have done. I deserve the harshest punishment possible. Death, if it's an option."

Then an investigator asked Parrish what kind of mother was Adams and he replied in a broken voice, "She was the best mother I've ever seen."

Again, the prosecution rested its case Wednesday afternoon.

The defense begins calling witnesses Thursday morning.

Parrish is facing two murder charges. If convicted. He could face the death penalty.