Memorial Grows at Scene of Shenandoah Tragedy

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A vigil is planned for Wednesday night for the woman and three children who died Tuesday in a fire in Schuylkill County.

It comes as investigators search for the cause of the deadly blaze.

Investigators were at the scene of a fire Wednesday which claimed the lives of a woman and three children in Shenandoah.

So were friends, family and others who stopped by to mourn the loss of four who were killed.

Four row homes were destroyed by flames in Shenandoah and all day people came to a make shift memorial being built on the porch of one particular house.

They left balloons, flowers and candles.

An electronic memorial is being built on Facebook.

People are grieving the loss of Tiffany Sanchez, her son, 10-year-old Christian, and two nephews, seven-month-old Aziah and 10-year-old Damien.

"It's still not real, it's still not real. I think that I am going to see her maybe, it's not sure," said Sanchez's cousin Kathy Weikel.

"It's just very heartbreaking and I only live right around the corner here and every chance I have I come over and pray for them," said Mary Bath of Shenandoah.

According to authorities Tiffany Sanchez tried to save all of the children. She was able to get one boy, Diego Sanchez, on the porch roof. He was hospitalized from breathing in too much smoke. He has been released.

"Between her being my friend and the children, your heart goes out to everyone and I have children myself and I would do what she did. I would save my child first," said friend Charlene Davidson.

She and her friend Danielle Stetler brought flowers to the scene of the fatal fire.

"I knew Tiffany and the kids and I have a kid myself and it hit my heart and stuff," Stetler said.

The emotions are hard to shake. Terry Karpovich lost everything when his house burned.

"Everything was waking me up. I would fall asleep and I would dream about this and I would wake up crying," Karpovich said.

Some children are trying to deal with the loss.

"He started crying. Right now he's at home and my sister is dealing with the emotional pain," Davidson added.

"It shook her up. She's afraid it's going to happen to her now. Just trying to calm her down saying it was an accident," said Karpovich.

Investigators have not released the cause, but Shenandoah's police chief said it started on the first floor in the victim's home and does not appear suspicious.

The coroner has ruled the deaths of the woman and three children accidental.