Woman, Dog Attacked by Pit Bull

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A woman walking her dog said she and her pet were attacked by a pit bull running loose.

West Wyoming police have been investigating the dog attack since it happened over the weekend. Now the state dog warden is involved.

Jenelle Potter said she was walking her little dog along a route she follows all the time through her neighborhood, but this time, she said, a pit bull she never saw before attacked her and her Yorkie.

"And then he just attacked out of nowhere. I didn't do anything. My dog was barking and he wanted my dog so bad," recalled Jenelle Potter of West Wyoming.

Her arms are all bandaged, covering wounds that are too graphic to show. The wounds are bites and scratches she says she got from a pit bull while out for a walk over the weekend.

Her Yorkie, Coco, wears a protective cone because of stitches and wounds all over his rear end.

"I stopped. I saw him. I picked my dog up. I was holding my dog tight. I didn't want to make too much of a movement. I didn't want to run or anything," Potter added.

She said it happened along Fairview Street. She walks there all the time, but this time, she said, the pit bull ran out from near a home, its owners home.

"He wouldn't give up. He was so strong he wouldn't stop. He just wanted to kill me or him I don't know. I thought I was dying. I thought it was it," said Potter.

While Newswatch 16 was at potter's house Tuesday, a state dog warden showed up to talk with her about what happened. The state has ordered the attacking dog quarantined while he investigates.

Potter doesn't have any animosity toward pit bulls, she just wants to send a message they need to be trained and cared for correctly.

"Animals are so innocent to begin with, no matter what breed. I'm a dog lover. I don't hold it against pit bulls. I think he just wasn't taken care of the right way he should have been," Potter said.

West Wyoming police said charges are likely against the pit bull's owner.
Jenelle Potter said she doesn't know yet if there is any muscle damage after the attack, but she does have a lot of wounds.

She also has to get rabies shots because she said the attacking dog didn't have proper paperwork.