Graphic Testimony in Parrish Murder Trial

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Day two of testimony in the murder trial of the man accused of shooting to death his girlfriend and baby boy two years ago.

Prosecutors in Monroe County are seeking the death penalty against Michael Parrish.

Tuesday a medical examiner and state trooper took the stand.

On the second day of testimony Michael Parrish sat in the courtroom, again showing no sign of emotion as the prosecution displayed more evidence against him.

The family and friends of Parrish's victims sat close together during the day's testimony, several times wiping away tears as graphic pictures were shown of the bodies of Victoria Adams and their 18 month-old son, Sidney.

Police said Parrish shot and killed Adams and their toddler son in July of 2009.

The prosecution said Parrish believed Adams was cheating on him after she didn't answer her phone that day.

Authorities said Adams' cousin and brother dropped her off in Effort at the apartment she shared with Parrish, who was waiting inside.

Soon after shots were fired.

Parrish then started shooting at Adams' cousin and brother who fled the scene and called 911.

In court a medical examiner and trooper took the stand, both showing photographs of the two victims with bullet wounds.

Parrish, again, showed no emotion, but the family sat quietly together, crying and holding one another.

The defense said this is not a case of who done it but why.

The defense said Parrish had not planned to kill Adams and their son but went into a jealous rage and shot them.

The trial is expected to take a week and may go into next week.

Parrish is facing the death penalty if convicted.