Teacher Charged with Repeatedly Raping Boy

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A man charged with molesting a boy several years ago has been employed as an elementary school teacher in Wayne County.Now the Wayne Highlands School District says it is taking every precaution to make sure students and parents understand what is going on with the investigation.

Instead of being in the classroom, Kyle Cobb, 26, of Uniondale started this Monday morning in the Susquehanna County jail accused of raping a boy around the age of the fourth graders he teaches.

Cobb is suspended without pay from his job at Lakeside Elementary School in Honesdale. He is not accused of abusing anyone there. The allegations are from years before he got the job at the school.

It is still shocking news for parents with children at the school that a teacher is charged with sex crimes involving an elementary age boy

"It seems like it's not safe anywhere for the most part.  It could be in your household, anywhere.  These monsters, they can get in anywhere," said Miles Keesler.

He has a child at Lakeside Elementary.  They love the school.

"It's a fantastic school. I mean, overall you cannot ask for a better place for your children," Keesler added.

Kyle Cobb was hired in Wayne Highlands in 2010. This is his first year at Lakeside Elementary. He taught at the Preston School last year. The district said it is doing everything it can to make sure parents and students are informed during the investigation.

Police said they were tipped off Friday after an 18 year old said in therapy that Cobb,raped him when he was 10 or 11 and again at 13.

Police said Cobb admitted to abusing the boy at the Cobb family farm in Susquehanna County.

Just last week, Cobb was on the job as a teacher in Wayne County. In arrest papers he even told police he avoided the victim after the abuse because he knew back then he wanted to be a teacher.

"It's sad, it's tragic. It's scary that schools are supposed to be a safe place but it seems these predators find how to get into these places that are supposed to be safe," Keesler said.

The superintendent at Wayne Highlands said he learned of the charges Sunday.

He issued a statement saying the district takes the matter very seriously and will fully cooperate in the investigation.

Kyle Cobb posted bail and got out of jail Monday.

He is suspended without pay from Lakeside Elementary.