Man Sentenced for Vehicular Homicide

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A man from Wyoming County was sentenced Monday to up to nine years in jail for a 2010 deadly crash.

Brett Dixon, 28, of Nicholson walked into the Wyoming County Courthouse with his family, but was led out in handcuffs after learning he will spend between 22 months and nine years in jail.

The family of the victim, Mark Jenkins, 49, of Nicholson, showed up to the sentencing, happy to see some justice served.

“It’s been going on two years and as much as we wanted to see him go away for the longest he could we’re just kind of glad it’s all over. No sentence would have been enough. So we’re just glad it’s all over so we can rest our heads easy,” said Michael Jenkins, the victim’s son.

Family and friends emotionally spoke in the courtroom.

Jenkins’ fiancĂ©e said, “I’ll be sad for the rest of my life. I lost my best friend. I lost the love of my life.”

Investigators said the crash happened back in April, 2010.

Police said Dixon was speeding and was unable to stop when Jenkins pulled out onto Route 11 just north of Factoryville.

Last month, Dixon pleaded guilty to homicide by vehicle and other charges.

He read a statement in court saying, “Wish I could change things, but I can’t. I will pay for this accident for the rest of my life in many ways.”

Jenkins’ family said their lives have been forever changed.

“It’s been really hard. My dad was a big part in our family and he was a really happy person and it’s been sad without him, but we’re doing better,” said Maddy Jenkins, the victim’s daughter.

“We miss our brother very much and we’re going to proceed and hopefully get healthy ourselves,” added the victim’s brother, Arthur Jenkins.

After the sentencing, Dixon was taken to the Wyoming County jail. He will then be transferred to a state prison to begin serving his sentence.