Spring Car Care

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Now that it's officially spring it's a good time for some spring cleaning, and your car should be included in that.

As the seasons are starting to change the American Automobile Association, or AAA, recommends it's a good time to give your car a little love, starting with washing away the winter months.

One local mechanic said it's very important and so is making sure your car is ready for the warmer days ahead.

Very soon the vacation months will be here and road trips will kick into high gear.

AAA officials want drivers to be aware now is a good time to make sure your car is ready to roll without a problem.

"Your general maintenance. A lot of people forget about that stuff. Oil changes, your tire rotations, looking at the brakes, wiper blades, everything that has got to do with you driving your car safely," said Derek Marshall of Kost Tire and Auto.

He added getting your car serviced now could be the difference between many road trips or constant vehicle repair.

"Alignment is huge. With the roads getting bumpy, that all happens with the bad weather whether it be rain, a washout, snow, ice, potholes destroy your front end," Marshall added.

While AAA recommends drivers get their cars checked out, especially now during the transition from the winter months to the warmer months ahead, another very important recommendation is get your car washed.

"All the stuff they're putting down on the roads is all corrosive which is going to corrode the undercarriage of your car, corrode the body of your car. Underneath your car there are a lot of things that you don't want to corrode, brake lines, fuel lines, the frame," explained Marshall.