Girardville Parade Preps

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People in Girardville are looking forward to  the sights and sounds of this years Saint Patrick’s Day parade.

Parade organizer John McNelis said the communities population swells 15 to 20 times on parade day.

"We have groups coming from as far away as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Wilkes Barre on and on and on, State College, you name it they're coming from all over the state," McNelis said.

With up to 20,000 people expected you have to be ready.  Jim Jones has the job of delivering portable toilets. "When they're calling me it's good that people gives us the business. We appreciate the work you know." Jones said.

They are stocking the shelves at  grocery stores. The owner of The Jiffy Mart, Joe Womer, said the parade will make his cash register ring. "I'll be able to get caught up and pay all my bills and ah get ahead for once. Yes it would be great kick start, yes it would," Womer said.

Officials  at the Girardville Fire Department said the parade  is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. Tom Shearn said the big seller is food and lots of it. "Hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, bean soup, pretty much a little bit of everything.

Fred McDonald said he wants his family to have a front row seat. That's one reason why he said he is erecting a tent. "Making some cover because we're expecting rain. Hope not tom, hope not," McDonald said.

Just about everywhere you look in Girardville you will find homes covered with green.

Mike Demanski said folks take the parade seriously. "We think it's a big deal and we hope the parades keep coming and cause it gives us something to look forward to in the area," Demanski said.

Parade organizers hope the luck of the Irish is with them and the rain holds off, but no matter what the conditions the Girardville parade will begin Saturday at noon.