Targeting Aggressive Driving in Carbon County

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Police in Carbon County are targeting aggressive drivers this week.

Kidder Township police were directing traffic Thursday near the Penn Kidder School so a crew could paint white lines across the road.

The lines are used as reference points so police can clock speeders.

"It's all about timing and we use a timer in the car between two points and that calculates the speed," explained Kidder Township Police Chief Matthew Kuzma.

He spent part of his time using the speed device cracking down on aggressive drivers as part of a state-wide effort involving 320 police agencies. A $2.3 million PennDOT grant is paying for the overtime so officers can spend more time patrolling looking for careless drivers.

"Aggressive driving means running red lights, improper passing, passing on the right, tailgating, those type of violations," said Chief Kuzma.

T.J. Janotti of Effort had his two-year-old daughter, Rayel, strapped safely in her car seat. He knows he is carrying the love of his life and is glad police are cracking down on aggressive drivers.

"We were driving and the guy in front of me passed a school bus in double yellow," Janotti said. He had some close calls, but his friend Keith Goosman wasn't so lucky.

"People being right on my tail, right on my rear bumper and they don't have enough time to stop and they've crashed into me. That's what I've experienced," Goosman said.

Officials said last year, state wide 142,000 tickets were written for aggressive driving. This year's program runs until April 29.